The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Hydroelectric Energy
In our mission for having a greener future, on of the best solutions is to continue using the hydroelectric energy. Hydroelectric energy is made by using the gravitational force of flowing or falling water. This process is somewhat similar to the way wind energy is created. Some people may not know but about 7% of the power used in the United States is made using hydroelectric energy.

The most common method to do is by damming up the water flowing from a river behind a big concrete wall. This water holds a large amount of potential energy. Get more info on disadvantages of hydroelectric energy. As the water falls from the dam, it then flows through a turbine with rotary blades. Electromagnets spin within the turbine as the water is flowing through it and a current is created. Then, the energy is transferred to coils. The coils take the current to a transformer and the voltage is multiplied so that it can transfer to homes and businesses through power lines.

This elegant process of making energy without the need of drilling for coal or burning fossil fuels allow us to benefit from a natural resource to make hydroelectric energy. This type of energy source does not pollute our planet's atmosphere, as well as it decreases greenhouses gasses, and accordingly, the threat of global warming. Furthermore, hydroelectric energy is virtually limitless since the water from rivers is from rain fall and is naturally replace.

Another advantage of this energy is that it is also available in most countries and reduce the cost of the fuel used for this power source. After hydroelectric power plants are built on waterways they are fairly inexpensive to operate. As our technology continue to progress, it is likely that power resource will become much more efficient and widespread.

However, there are a couple of disadvantages as well. One advantage is the destruction of the natural habitat not only for humans but also for animal because the dams are built in areas where water flow is highest and the soils have higher water retention level. This just means that land for agriculture is utilized to reserve water and also the small hills are brought together through human activity to build the huge dams. Get more info on dr kent moors. Another disadvantage of building of these water reservoirs required lots of human capital to construct it.

Nonetheless, many countries prefer using hydroelectric power generation since it saves on fossil fuels and does not cause so much health hazards and we can get so many benefits. This energy can also be stored in order to used in a motor vehicle to reduce our dependence on fuel. Learn more from

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